Legends and Stories from Paris Catacombs


You can never run out of places to visit and see when you are in Paris.  Buried underneath the Paris streets is the Paris Catacombs which housing over 6 million human bones. The place was created as a results shortage for burial sites at Paris and has become one of the eeriest places to visit when you are in Paris. The Paris Catacombs skip the line are visit which can be pre-arranged by the Paris Guy site when you plan to visit the catacombs. Most of the legends and the forklore surround this ossuary and attract many people each and every year who come to see the darker side of Paris. This site arranges a number of sightseeing in Paris but this one is the place where many people can never leave without visiting.  If you are planning to see Paris on a lighter side, check this site of Paris Guy for instance and select some of the places you would like to visit on your next vacation. The catacombs attracts millions of tourists very year.


The paris catacombs skip the line tour is by gar one of the creepiest tours you will have when you are visiting Paris. You will walk through the darker chambers and you will hear stories of a man who went to the dungeons with a camera and a video on, the camera had the footage of the catacombs. As people watched the footage the camera fell down and it is unclear if the man came alive as told by the told of the catacombs. Click here and find a tour. Tours in France are places which are epic. The Paris Catacombs also has a secret hideout that is inside the catacomb. In 2004, a group of policemen explored some part of the catacomb which is usually restricted to public access and uncovered strange things. This is perhaps one of the creepiest places you will visit when you plan tours in France.


There are 3,000 wired gallery which are wired to the phones with pirated electricity and also found a room that can hold 20 people. The creepiest part about the catacomb is that there are cameras on the ceilings which are recording the happenings inside the dungeons. Be sure to find a tour here!


Once thye police officers who had discovered the items in the catacombs came some days later all the stuff had been removed. This is one place that you have to visit to believe. See more information here. Visit this website at https://www.britannica.com/art/travel-literature for more info about travels.

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